I'm the original owner. It had 86 original hrs on it and it showed. It only came with a cover. I proceded to add a tower, booming stereo including subwoofer, tower speakers, and amps. I also added a 105amp alternator and dual batteries to power the system. I added a battery switch because my son turned the key on and i didn't find it for over 3 days amounting to about 80 hrs being racked up on the hour meter. I then proceded to install an auto fill/empty ballast system, lbs at the flip of the switches. The sacks are Fly High and are made of the same puncture resistant material as the white water rafts. I also added a stainless steel High Five Prop to have GREAT hole shot and speed holding power. It is in great condition, only a few nicks. On the tower I added wakeboard racks, and a tower mirror. Last fall I added Perfect Pass Wakeboard Pro- gps based. This is a speed control that holds the speed to .2 mph. Anyone can drive this boat. All of these things put together creates a very practical and versital wakeboard boat. The stereo system is amazing. I have a Boss Head Unit with CD and imput on the front. There are 2 sony speakers in the boat. I have installed a sony 10" subwoofer with a sony x-plode 900 watt amp to power it. You can see ripples in the water when it pounds. The tower speakers shown in the pictures and the amp are not included as they belong to a friend. I will be including a pair of Boss tower speakers and a pioneer 760 watt amp. This was the system I had before I put the current one in. You can still hear the music while wakeboarding.The motor is a 5.0L Mercruiser with a Alpha One outdrive. It currently has about 450 true hrs. The meter reads higher because of the battery/ key issue. This is a bulletproof combination. They still use it in the new boats. I use about 4 gallons of gas an hour while fully loaded with ballast and 3-4 people. I rebuilt the carb 2 winters ago. The impeller was changed last spring. The upgraded alternator was changed this spring. I just changed both bellows 2 weeks ago. I also changed the lower unit oil at that time. One battery is 2 yrs old and the other about 3. As I said I installed a battery switch, a must. I have always changed the oil in the motor every 40-45 hrs. The outdrive oil, every fall. Everything is solid with this boat. Bayliner bought out Arriva in and continued this style of boat for 4 yrs. All the plywood is sealed with fiberglass so there is no rotting. I installed a remote oil filter and a hose on the bottom of the oil pan. Very easy servicing!It comes with a single axel trailer that is in pretty good condition. The tires have lots of life left. I replaced the taillights with LED lights and also the 2 yellow marker lights. I have never been let down. I pull the boat 17 miles each way 2 times a week and I take it up north 150 miles each way 2 times a year.This boat is going to make someone very happy. It has brought great joy to my family and friends and will be hard to let go.